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The Company is a member of the national programme for the control of salmonella and its related inspections. In accordance with the EU regulations all controls are carried out from the delivery of day-old parents until eggs or chicks are released for distribution. An integral part of the programme is also the prevention of Salmonella by ensuring the highest Bio security standards and specific vaccination programmes. Strict Hygiene measures are observed at all production levels from farms to hatcheries.

The applied vaccination scheme compiled in co-operation with experts from MSD and Merial are the best prevention programmes to protect poultry against viral and bacterial diseases. Among other things, they also ensure a good start for their offspring in broiler farms. The antibody response is monitored using Elisa serologic tests in the company’s own laboratory.

The Company has an elaborate programme for the protection of the hatcheries against being contaminated by pathogenic germs. This consists of systematic disinfection methods of all spaces and regular bacteriological tests, which the Company does in co-operation with the Veterinary Research Institute in Brno.