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For a long time, the company has been sponsoring various charity, sports and cultural events, mainly in Litomyšl. In the cultural sphere, for example, the support that Jiří Mach gave to the Litomyšl painter, Bohdan Kopecký, was very significant. As a result of it, Kopecký visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1994 and 1997 and created a number of art cycles that have enriched contemporary Czech landscape painting. In 2016, Mach made a substantial financial donation to the publication of the book Vladyka z Bídy. Malíř a Litomyšlan Bohdan Kopecký (A Nobleman from Poverty. The painter and son of Litomyšl Bohdan Kopecký).

Jiří Mach was the donor of a glass sculpture called Column with a Reflective Surface, which was created in 2014 for the newly renovated Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross by the world-renowned artist, Václav Cigler, in collaboration with Michal Motyčka. Two years later, he was also the sponsor of Saint Wenceslas, the largest of the three new bells in the same church, which he donated to the town of Litomyšl.

Since 2016, MACH DRŮBEŽ A.S. has been an official partner of Smetana’s Litomyšl, the second-oldest and also the largest music festival in the Czech Republic. In the world of sport, the company has sponsored, amongst others, the ascent of Mount Everest by a team of Czech and Slovak mountaineers in 2007. It is also a long-time sponsor of sports clubs, associations and, last but not least, Litomyšl Hospital.