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The rearing of Cobb 500 and Ross 308 parent stock is carried out in the company’s own farms.

In 2017, their capacity reached two million 100 thousands broiler breeders. Thanks to its own rearing farms, the company is capable of ensuring and controlling the quality of future breeders and the bird uniformity

Rearing capacity (in thousands)


Farms CZ

In the last five years the Mach Company bought and reconstructed new farms for rearing broiler breeder parents Kunčina, Třebářov, Škudly and Mladějov and a production farm Holice.

Farms SK

In the further development of the company it was important to build a complex operational chain in Slovakia. In the last five years the company expanded two more farms for breeding Nový Pavol and Hviezdoslavov and rearing Horná Zlatná.