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Development and direction of the company

In 1992, Jiří Mach began building the company MACH DRŮBEŽ A.S., which now operates a total of 25 farms in the Czech Republic (including its headquarters in Litomyšl). A very important step in the development of the company was the establishment of a complex operational chain in Slovakia, which currently has seven farms with hatcheries. In the Czech Republic, the company now has approximately a 35 % share in the day-old broiler chicks market. It also has a dominant position in Slovakia.

The family business run by Richard Mach is currently one of the largest and most modern hatchery complexes in the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as meeting the latest European standards. During its more than thirty years of existence, it has undergone dynamic development and increased its hatchery capacity from its original 200,000 to the current 2.5 million chickens per week. The capacity of the farms has increased to 2.1 million hens per year and the production of hatching eggs to 300 million eggs.

In 2023, the company has again expanded its operations with its own fattening farms, where it monitors the quality of its own one-day broiler chicks. It wants to further develop this trend in the future.